Cut Your Phone Bill Down and Save On Payday Loans

The biggest financial stress for most people does not come from unanticipated costs, but from those monthly bills that we have come to expect and dread. Utility bills, rent, and groceries are just a few of the many costs that drain our bank accounts on a regular basis. In fact, 69% of payday loan borrowers do so in order to pay such bills. One of the larger contributors to these monthly expenses is the cell phone. This magic talking machine has become an integral part of our lives and serves many good purposes. Cell phones can keep us safe, keep us informed, and even keep us working, helping to ensure that we do not wind up at the payday loan office hoping to catch up on the rent. However, with these positives do come some negative, including the costs of such services. Cell phones are expensive not only to buy, but to keep up. Yet contrary to belief, they need not be so. There are several ways that you can cut back on cell phone costs and save yourself a trip to the payday loan office.

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There are many people out there who are overpaying every month for services that they do not use or need. By examining your bill and cutting back on unnecessary cost, you could save quite a bit of money. The first thing to examine on your bill is how many minutes you are using every month. Often times, people pay for significantly more minutes than they use for fear of going over and having to pay the minute charges. While this is a good strategy, it fails in its purpose if you end up paying the same for minutes that you do not use as for minutes that you go over. Instead, what you want to do is to look at your past six phone bills and see how many minutes you use a month. You will then want to sign up for a plan that gives you ten percent more, just in case of emergencies. This will keep you from having to pay for minute overages without forcing you to pay for unnecessary minutes as well. This same process should be repeated for text messages, as this issue tends to occur with them as well.

Another way that you can reduce your phone bill is to look at how much machine you are using versus how much you actually need. While it is a good idea to embrace technology, it is not a good idea to pay for technology that you will not use. For those who need a cell phone strictly for phone calls and text messages, paying the high price for a smart phone is unnecessary. By downgrading, you not only save money on initial phone costs, but you cut your monthly bill as well. Smart phone service requires that you do not just sign up for minutes and text messages, but for data packages as well. These can get pretty pricey depending on how much data the plan includes.

Finally, if you do have a smart phone, think before downloading. Ask yourself if you really need that app that turns people into alligators. There are many silly apps out there that may hold you attention for a few days, but this quickly fades. That two dollar charge may not seem like much, but it adds up. By keeping these tips in mind, you can enjoy a lower monthly phone bill and steer clear of payday loan dependency.

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