Top 6 Secrets to Getting a Lawsuit Loan Fast

Getting a lawsuit loan fast can be very simple if done the right way. If you have been injured and have filed a lawsuit, then you are ready to get started.

1. Get an attorney

In order to get a lawsuit loan you must first have hired the services of an attorney who will be representing you. The lawsuit funding company will deal with the attorney at a later date to get all of the necessary documentation and information

2. Apply online with a lawsuit funding company

You can also contact them directly by asking for information about getting a loan on a lawsuit. They are usually able to take your application immediately and should take no more that a few minutes

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3. Getting Information

Once you have submitted the application, the secret is to give the lawsuit funding company as much information as possible about the accident, the correct details and the names and phone numbers of the attorney representing you. It is crucial to get all the fine details right in order to get the lawsuit loan processed fast

4. Telling Your Attorney

Make sure that you make your attorney aware that you are applying for a lawsuit loan. Too often the attorney does not even know and a lot of time is wasted here. The lawsuit funding company will contact the attorney but unless they have been informed by you that you have made the application, they are unable to discuss the case.

5. Quick Approval

The lawsuit funding company gets to work with the underwriters in getting your lawsuit loan approved as quickly as possible. The more details, documentation and information that is available the better.

6. Sign the Agreement and Get the Money!

Once you have been approved you sign the Agreement, your attorney acknowledges it and you can expect to receive you lawsuit cash advance the same day!

It is that fast and easy to get a loan on a lawsuit. If you follow the steps and ensure that all of the information and documentation is available and submitted, the process can be completed in 48 hours.

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