A Bad Impression Can Increase Payday Loan Reliance For College Graduates

The connection between a bad impression and one's debt may seem tenuous at best, but they are move intertwined than one may presume. Research reveals that 60-80 % of job offers are granted according to networking. In today's economy, knowing people truly matters. Thus, making bad impressions can lead to missed job opportunities, which in turn can increase payday loan reliance and other debt.

This is particularly relevant for recent college graduates who are attempting to break into the job market with minimal networking experiences. According to a PEW Research Analysis, a record number of twenty-something's completed a bachelor's degree in 2012. While this is certainly fantastic news for the state of the nation, it is bad news for recent graduates seeking employment, as competition for even the most entry level jobs is stiff. In the current job market, jobs are scarce and job seekers are abundant. This contributes to the fact that many recent graduates are underemployed, maintaining the same type of job, and income, that they had prior to college graduation; as a result, many twenty-something's may resort to utilizing payday loans or other quick cash services to cover their bills.

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This raises the question: how can a recent college graduate who is without extensive networking experience land a well-paying job and decrease payday loan reliance?

The answer: make a great impression on every potential employer. When going for a job interview individuals prepare in order to make a great impression; by putting on their most professional outfits, making sure their hair and grooming are immaculately done, and curbing all questionable habits, such as nail biting and fidgeting, the interviewee tells the potential employer "I take this seriously."

What about on non-interview days?

College students have more networking opportunities than they realize. Professors and peers may have the scoop on jobs that would suit a recent graduate, while internships and volunteering can allow a college student to enter the work force without as much competition. In each of these cases, getting to know people may be the difference between landing a job and landing a spot in the payday loan line. A professor is more likely to recommend a student he/she knows and trusts, while internships often expose students to employers who can later offer a 'real' job. When dealing with any of these people or situations, a college student should do his/her upmost to display confidence, professionalism, and capability, as interaction with these people and opportunities can result in a future job opportunity and keep a college grad out of the payday loan office.

The same can be said for college jobs. After working in a small office for years with little income movement, one may begin to slack on personal appearance, reasoning that they have gone as far they will go with said company and letting their apathy show in their wardrobe, grooming, or mannerisms. However, this lack of concern sends a strong message: "I no longer take this seriously." Such a message can be detrimental to one's career growth, as one bad impression can cost a promotion or even new job opportunity.

An individual's appearance on daily basis can make or break a potential opportunity. From going to the store to going to work, potential employers are everywhere. Make a strong impression and up your chances of surviving in this competitive job market.

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