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Tough economic times can pop up when you least expect them. Obtaining funding in these type of situations can be a daunting process. While there are various avenues of funding available they can be explored should you find your self to be unemployed, credit card advances can offer an immediate, yet risky solution to your financial dilemmas. It is important to understand the inherent risks and benefits related to credit card advances, but with respect to loans for the unemployed they are a viable and effective solution.

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Credit card advances or "cash advances" are loans taken against a person's credit limit. Similar in the way you would use a credit card, instead of purchasing an item, you receive cash instead. In many instances these transactions can be completed using your credit card in much the way you use your debit card, tapping into an ATM machine for your loan. The simplicity tied into the cash card advance is not without its drawbacks. Often times there is an upfront fee of up to 4% to access the funds. Unlike a credit card purchase there is no leeway in the accrual of interest, as the interest is immediately applied to the balance on a cash card advance. Interest rates are often in excess of 20% for this type of loan for the unemployed, which can make them often the option of last resort. Often times, the sum that is paid back will significantly eclipse the value of the original loan amount. Given their volatile nature, credit card advances should be pursued only when all other options have been thoroughly evaluated and exhausted. These loans offer quick and immediate funding, but would fall short should you require large sums of money.

Loans for the unemployed, while not impossible to obtain, can be difficult. Options are available; however, a cash advance can offer you the most immediate and direct source of financing. It should be cautioned that cash advances have many negatives surrounding them and should only be accessed in cases of true emergencies. It is prudent to pay these loans back a quickly as possible or you could find yourself owing more than double the value of your original loan due to compounding interest.

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