How Payday Loans Are Similar to Credit Cards

Many people have steered away from payday loans or check advances because they have heard that you can get yourself into hot water using them. This is true whenever you use credit of any kind. You only have to ask a few friends or family about their credit card debt and you are sure to find at least some of them that have ended up in or near bankruptcy because of them. It is not the fault of the companies that extended them credit, but it is the fault of the people that mismanaged that credit.

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There are reasons that a lot of people still have good credit and can still use their credit cards and borrow from banks and that is usually because they did not borrow money or charge items to their credit cards unless they really needed to. This is the same approach people should use when they get a check advance or payday loan. When you have a real need for some quick cash for something like a sudden car repair that could keep you from getting to work, this would be a good reason to borrow from one of these lending institutes. The twenty or thirty dollars interest you have to pay on a two or three hundred dollar loan could be well worth it if it prevents you from missing two or three days at work.

If you have to make a trip to the doctor or one of your children need to go, these are good reasons to take out a loan until you get paid. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons why you need money quickly. Learning to get a loan like this is fine as long as you do not abuse the service. When you take out a payday loan, you need to be sure that you will be able to completely pay off that loan when you get paid and do not put it off by renewing it unless you were to perhaps have some other crisis come up that would prevent you from paying it in full.

Renewing loans is what can end up costing you a lot more money. The same can be said for credit cards. It has been all too easy for people to use up their line of credit on their credit card and instead of paying it off at the end of each month as it was intended for users to do, they end up paying the minimum payment for years and can never seem to get anywhere paying off the original debt. Check advances are no different and no worse than credit cards. You just have to pay them off as you make them and never take out more than one at a time. Some people are able to use their credit cards with no problems at all because they use them correctly. Using payday loans can be as beneficial as using a credit card, you just have to treat them with the respect you should to not get in over your head.

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